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Scratch Removal

It's obvious that scratches, nicks, scuffs, defects and blemishes in your vehicle's paint drastically affect the appearance of its exterior. The two types of paint scratches (clear coat scratches and deep coat scratches) are striking and noticeable, and can diminish the value of your car, however, they're absolutely fixable if addressed immediately.

Bring your vehicle to Hendrick Collision Center, your auto body shop serving Atlanta, today and fix the scratches on your car's exterior.

Types of Scratches

Clear Coat Scratches —Vehicles produced after 1990 have a clear coat applied over the paint before leaving the manufacturing plant. This clear coat protects the color of the automobile, as well as preserving and enhancing gloss and shine. However, a clear coat is where most visible scratches are acquired. Our scratch repair technicians restore the original luster of your paint by removing discernible scratches to the clear coat.

Deep Coat Scratches
— Deep coat scratches from a collision, a side swipe, heavy key scratches or any other possible cause are easily affected by rust. Leaving your car unrepaired can lead to bigger and costlier problems. The layers affected are color (paint), primer and, finally, steel. If a scratch is deep enough to penetrate these layers, it is vital to have it repaired by a professional for sanding, polishing, washing, waxing and possible repainting.

The focus at this Atlanta area auto body shop is on providing the best customer service to ensure the safety of your vehicle and your complete satisfaction with any repairs we do. For a free estimate on scratch removal and other auto paint near Atlanta GA, call (678) 957-5260.

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